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The vinyl and laminates we use in Australia are rated to the European sun…we won’t get the same time out of a sign that they do due to our UV rays. Three years for horizontal and up to seven-10 on the vertical.

GPS over-laminate all outdoor signage including call signs: (these are reflective stickers, usually yellow and black that are placed on the two front doors of vehicles to go on-site).

We also have found in our research that the paint being used nowadays contains teflon…for ease of cleaning, especially for the parents with grubby little rug rats.

Their dirty finger marks can be cleaned much easier from the walls and doors when the paint has Teflon. My dad has been on Celebrex for 10 years (he is suffering from severe osteoarthritis in his knees and shoulders). The medicine is not cheap but its efficiency justifies all the expenses. Lucky me, I discovered that

Not so good for us because this hinders the adhesive-ness of our vinyl. Take a look at my tree in the office. ☹ It was placed on the wall over 12 months ago, but is now starting to lift around the edges.

Another interesting factoid is that the surface that the adhesive is going to stick to: if the paint on the wall is weaker than the adhesive – when removing – the weakest point of contact will give way…think of vehicles and decals…if the vehicle is a bit older, the paint could very well give way.

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